10 Vital Things to Check Before Purchasing Web Hosting

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10 Vital Things to Check Before Purchasing Web Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider is hard and it is even harder to choose a perfect hosting plan that meets your business requirements. There are many key points that you should keep in mind while purchasing web hosting. From customer support to speed we will explain to you everything and what you need to look for when you are in the process of purchasing a web hosting plan.

Now Let’s check out the key points which we should consider for choosing the best web hosting service:

1. Company Reputation

Before purchasing a hosting plan check out that provider’s reputation and their reviews. It’s easy to get lost if you are just starting out as there are lots of providers and most newcomers often choose bad providers in the process of looking for a cheap plan. Choose those providers who are in the market for a long time and are popular among web developers and Business owners.

2. Customer Support

Check out if the provider provides 24/7 customer support for any issues you might face with your website. Their Support team must be capable enough to resolve any issues in minimum time by providing you the best possible solution. Now every company claims that they have the best support team but you need to check customer reviews to find out the best one.

3. Backup

Backups are very essential for your website and you should receive them from a hosting provider. Every website is vulnerable to threats and online attacks which may result in losing your data, that’s why regular backups are very essential. Most hosting providers include backups service in their bundles. You must check this before purchasing it.

4. Storage

Check out the storage space included in the plan. If your website is for a small business a beginner plan will serve your storage needs, unless you have a lot of images, videos or big files on your website, in that case, you might need a plan with a bigger storage option. (For most small businesses 1GB of storage is good enough.)

5. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data a website can deliver to its user in a given amount of time. Mostly bandwidth is calculated in months. Each hosting provider offers different bandwidths. Choose bandwidth depending on the traffic you get per month

6. Uptime and Downtime

You need to choose a hosting company that has a good reputation for maximum uptime. Choose a hosting provider who has a 99.999% uptime and minimum downtime because you don’t want your traffic to decrease.

7. Speed

Speed is a very critical part of hosting as it is one of the most important SEO factors. Choose a provider that has very good speed.  And it’s also important to choose the location of your data center wisely. The closer a data center is to your visitors, the faster the page loading time will usually be. You also choose to use a CDN(Content Delivery Network) to deliver your content faster in every part of the world.

8. C-panel and management

You will be provided with a C-panel to manage your account when you will purchase your hosting plan. Different hosting providers may have different control panel interface for managing the hosting account, but it is important to check if a hosting provider is charging you extra for this service because most providers offer it for free.

9. Upgradation Options

Over time your website traffic will increase and your business will grow, then you might need to upgrade your hosting plan, you need to make sure your provider allows up-gradation with minimum downtime.

10. Cost

Last thing you need to check if your plan is value for money. Compare the plans with other providers before settling. Also, check the First-time cost Vs Renewal cost, most hosting company charges you double when it’s time for renewal. There are a lot of addons available for adding while purchasing but only a few of them are important like SSL certificate, email, etc. Make sure that you choose the right ones and don’t waste your money on useless ones.

There are a lot of hosting provider and each has its own set of plans and bundles but I believe with our guide you can easily choose the perfect hosting plan for your website.


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