Top 8 Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing

Video Conferencing

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing software, and after the outbreak of covid19, its users’ count has skyrocketed, as schools, businesses and other organizations are looking for ways to connect during the lockdown.

But recently users are looking for Zoom alternatives as reports of hacking of zoom accounts been rolling around the internet for few days.

If you are one of the lost souls who are looking for zoom alternatives, worry not, your savior is here. We have compiled a list of video conferencing software that will let you connect with your colleagues, friends or loved ones anytime you want.

Team link

Team link has many similar features like zoom and after the news of zoom accounts being hacked Teamlink is quickly becoming popular. It’s base free versions allow up to 300 participants in one meeting.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is not just a video conferencing app. It is a business collaboration tool that is bundled with office 365 plans. Its features include screen and file sharing, video conferencing, chats, background blur and much more.

Cisco Webx Meetings

Webx is an industry-grade software that has been around for the last few decades. It is mainly used by big enterprises that have a large number of participants. It has a free version and for the current situation, it has increased the features of the free plan which is worth checking out.

Google hangouts meet

Hangouts meet is an upgraded version of google hangouts. It is very smooth and user friendly and has many features that are similar to zoom like conference room, calendar sync.  To host a google meet meeting you need to have a paid G Suite account which may cost you around $6 per month.


Jitsi is not very popular among users like its other cousins, but it is an open-source video conferencing software that lets users easily jump into a conference. It allows up to 75 participants and can be integrated with Slack, Office 365, Google calendar. It also has an awesome feature like blurring the background

Go to meeting

GotoMeeting has many similar features like Zoom and has a very user-friendly interface. It has a free trial period but to use its features to the fullest you need to purchase their premium plan which starts for $14 for 150 participants.

Blue jeans

Blue jeans is also a video conferencing web app that can be integrated with collaboration tools. Its simple and userfriendly system allows you to start conferencing from anywhere. While they have a free trial period, their premium plan starts from $9.99 per host.


BigBlueButton is a free open source platform that has a whiteboard feature. It was designed specifically for education and online learning. As a free open-source tool it can be customized and integrated with third-party features.

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